Step 9

Dynamic Text Effect

In this tutorial we will lean how to create a Dynamic Text effect in photoshop. For this tutorial we need a nice fractal. So let’s have a look at our final result.

Step 1:-

Create a new layer with 900px width and 700px height.

Step 2:-

Select the type tool and add some text. Make sure you use the color # 00ffff.

Step 3:-

Now open the fractal and paste it on our main file.

Step 4:-

Now uncheck the fractal layer and click on the text layer. Then select the pen tool and create a path along the text.

Step 5:-

Now right Click on the path and click on “Make selection”. Now select the fractal layer and click on Edit> Copy merge. And then paste it. And change the blending mode to “Overlay”.

Step 6:-

Select the soft Round brush, with foreground color # ec008c. Use t on the edges randomly.

Step 7:-

Now change the blending mode to “Color”.

Step 8:-

Now we’ll create a reflection of our text. For this duplicate the layer and then press CTRL+ T, then right click on it and select “Flip Vertical”. Now select the Eraser Tool and use it on the lower part of our reflection.

Step 9:-

Select the reflection layer and reduce the opacity to 50%. And we are done.


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