Step 9

Create a Hand-Made Card in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll create a hand-made card in Photoshop. So let’s start the tutorial.

Step 1:-

Create a new file with 1440px width and 900px height.

Step 2:-

Create a new layer, for this click on ‘Layer’ then go to ‘New’ and choose ‘Layer’. Now fill this with color # 000000.

Step 3:-

Now open the leather image and paste it on our main file.

Step 4:-

Now we are creating a Happy Birthday card. So we’ll start with “H”.

Step 5:-

Now select the text layer and click on ‘Layer’ then go to ‘Layer style’ and select ‘Stroke’.

Step 6:-

Then go to ‘Layer’, click ‘Layer Style’ and select ‘Gradient Overlay’ and add some gradient to our text.

Step 7:-

Now add a bit of Drop Shadow to our text.

Step 8:-

Select the Ellipse Tool and create a small circle. Then click on Layer> Layer style> Gradient overlay. And add a silver gradient. Also add a bit of drop shadow.

Step 9:-

Repeat the same process and use different color for each letter. You can also add a frame to finish it up.

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